Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Lunch with Tess

My friend Tess is Robyn's daughter... Zebedee's cousin sort of.
She lives at Snetterton Norfolk UK too in a straw bale house that she & Will are building.
We lunched & talked about wedding plans because I'm doing the catering for their wedding on the 19th of August. YIKES. 70 people to feed. Hmmm I think I can, I think I can...

The glass jug is full of Pimms (Kelly) with cucumber slices & borage flowers. The brown eggs from their chickens. Even the chickens have a lovely house.

We sat outside & I got a tiny bit sunburned. It was boiling but so nice outside. Afterwards, we went for a swim at the lake.

Bit of a boring blog I know but I've got heaps of work to do & not much time to do it in.

This afternoon we are going to visit Clarissa & Zebedee, who are both doing pretty well considering the odds they're up against.
Promise more soon.