Thursday, August 31, 2006

New best friends

Hey guess what came today in the post.......
Cheekee Monkee is in love.........who says internet relationships don't work.
Kelly my new best friend sent me this little cutey in the first non-virtual blogger experience.
Thank you Kelly, he (or maybe it's a she) is fantastic.
We are having endless fun with......hmmmmm what should we call him?
All names gratefully accepted.


cheekeemonkee said...

How DUMB !!!!!!!!!!He is a SHE and we are bananas about each other. Her name is Kate Crusader and we want a seperate room !

kelly said...

Wow! That was quick! It occurred to me after I had posted her that I never tested her out ... I do hope she flies and screechs as per spec. :-)

p.s. I'm glad cheekee likes his new friend.

cheekeemonkee said...

All bits are working fine thank you thank you thank you