Thursday, September 22, 2011


People sometimes ask me if I worry about putting my life out into the world with this blog. But this blog has brought me nothing but good.
When my Father died and I wrote about it here a wonderful girl named Kelly from Boston wrote her condolences and became a fast friend. Through Kelly's blog I discovered Earwig sandwich and the wonderful Lulu Labonne.
I have only met Lulu twice before, one of which was last year when Richard was sick; she drove all the way to Norfolk to meet him and brought an incredible array of marvelous food and cooked us a delicious meal. I'm so glad they got to meet.
Lulu had a large birthday this week and to help her celebrate, I drove to Bristol. I have discovered that I quite like driving and the four hours or so it took me to get there were a joy with good things on the radio all the way.
Once there I was slightly nervous about spending a weekend at a surprise birthday at which I knew only one person.

But Bristol is an amazing city throbbing with life...

and great street art.
I shouldn't have worried; I was wrapped around by love.
Hilary's husband had organised a canoe-ing adventure on the river Wye and everyone was in such high spirits that there was no time to be nervous.
There was a champagne picnic and much hilarity
and even though it rained...
and there was a LOT of cow poo beside the river Wye...
There were King fishers and Peregrine falcons and the lowest rainbow I'd ever seen (that pot of gold must have been REALLY close by).
So this little bunny will be going to Bristol again as soon as I can to get some more time with that most excellent girl Lulu Labonne. Thank you blog land and the wonderful world wide web.

Friday, September 02, 2011


Are you saying I have a thing about cushions? Cushions?... who me noooooo surely not.

Well maybe just a tiny bit!

Oh alright then maybe I DO.

The Bridgham f├ęte is on and I'm packing up all these little gems to take there this weekend. It's actually really nice to have them all in the house at the moment. Maybe I'll let myself roll around in them for a while.....