Sunday, April 15, 2012

Inspect a morse

This week has been one full of different and amazing jobs.
My friends Rod and Sheila are wonderful gold, silversmith and enamelers and they had an incredible piece to make for a Bishop. 
The clasp that runs across the front of a cope is called a Morse and it was the morse that Sheila & Rod were making. It had to be attached to the cope that was originally made by Juliet Hemingray. Little old me got the job. 
The original morse had to be unpicked and new hooks attached to link the new one on securely. Rod had cleverly made some silver hooks for me to attach but it was nerve wracking work dealing with such heirlooms.

 You can see here, the finished item with its garnets and enamelled plaques. Beautiful work. You can just make out some of Rod's chasing of shells and wheat.
In other news, I was asked to make some tiny cushions filled with rice from some of my beautiful kimono fabric to act as rests or supports for a 500  year old sword for a client who does aikido. 
I sometimes add a scent to the cushions I make, especially if they are for something so precious. These tiny cushions with birds flying across them smelled of Bergamot as it is helpful for grief and bereavement and the man who owns the sword had recently lost his father
If that makes you a little sad, here are some photos for you of what's happening in the garden of late. Spring has indeed sprung.
These next ones aren't actually from my garden but are from the botanical gardens in Cambridge

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sophie Grigson comes to Harling!

I don't know if I've ever actually stated on the blog that I used to be a cook many moons ago in Melbourne for 10 years or so (here and here as well as lots more NOT so salubrious). I loved it but the 'Hospitality' industry can be less than hospitable some times & I was relieved to become just a home cook again and a cushion maker for a living (a career that I can do sitting down AND from working from home.)
I love reading cook books though and one of my favourite cook books at the moment is one that my friend Clarissa gave me for Christmas called 'Spices' by Sophie Grigson and so it was with great pleasure that I discovered that Sophie is coming to little old East Harling.

My friend Mary Kemp is putting on a Cookery Demonstration & Supper with Sophie Grigson entitled 'Spice Up Your Spring!'
The details are as follows
4pm Sunday 22th April, 2012
Hill House Farm, East Harling, South Norfolk
Cost £75
Here's the sales pitch from Mary.....
Watch Sophie prepare delicious drinks, snacks and supper using recipes from her latest book. Find out which spices best complement the foods of the season and keep us in good health. Listen to spicy tales from Sophie inspired by her travels around the world.

To find out more, or to book a space please contact Mary Kemp on
Tel: 01953 717670 Email:

It should be an amazing evening and will fill up fast so ring or email Mary to book your place. I look forward to seeing you there.