Sunday, January 06, 2013

Wilson's Prom

 If I'm to get this post written before it's completely outdated, it's going to have to be without much text again. Still you can enjoy the photos of that most wonderful of Australian beaches...Tidal River at Wilson's Promontory National park. Knock yourselves out.


Friday, January 04, 2013

Foot up

 In my exhausted state in East Harling, while packing up my life, all I could think of was getting somewhere where I could relax and sit in the sun for while and maybe read books on the kindle that my buddies gave me before I left.
I got my wish, albeit in a round about fashion. I sprained my ankle last week and although it was painful, I thought it was ok until the bruise came up! You can see the swelling here but you can't really see the colours of the bruise. It's kind of black & green. Erk
 Luckily Suzanne (Roxi's Mum) had a place in the sun for me in Castlemaine in Central Victoria and I've never been so glad to find it. I feel almost normal again but still weepy & still very sorry for myself.
 Last time I was here in Australia there had been a drought for 10 years, the dams were all baked and cracked and the gardens were desert landscapes but this time it's miraculously green and Suzanne's garden was an absolute haven. You can just see the wee studio that was my inside haven when I wasn't outside on the verandah.
 and the ubiquitous Hills hoist clothes line that graces almost every backyard in Australia. The amazingly huge artichoke thats flowers were filled with bees.
Suzanne is an amazing healer and has helped me enormously to see my path as a brave and exciting adventure rather than a shuffling scary creep up a windy rocky mountain-side. So I thank her here from the bottom of my heart for setting my feet back on solid ground again.