Monday, March 30, 2009

Can you tell what it is yet?

On Friday we went to deliver these cushions to Craftco in Southwold. We had a great time at the 'Under the Pier' show too laughing hysterically at Tim Hunkin’s alternative slot machines.
Richard was extremely brave and tried to measure his courage at the TEST YOUR NERVE.

In Tim's words "Put your hand in the cage and hold the red button for as long as you dare. The dog starts panting and the dial starts revolving. When its about half way round the dog starts dribbling saliva (warm foamy water) on your hand. If you hang on, the dog finally barks loudly.
I made the dog for something completely different and had him in the workshop at the time when there was a series of scares about rotweilllers biting people. I tried him out in the local craft shop but he was banned after a few weeks because he brought in the wrong sort of customer, and people often leapt back, knocking over pots and doing other damage."
Go and check these brilliant automatons here... I think Tim is a genius, making money out of art instantly. In my next incarnation I'm coming back as an automaton maker. Maybe some sort of soft furnishings slot machine!!!
Maybe the leaning tower-o-cushions.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


My lovely neice Lena has been staying here with us and it's been pretty busy so no time to blog. Here are a few pics of us in Cambridge where we took her to look at the Fitzwilliam museum and the river and other Cambridge-like stuff.
The beutiful Kings college.
Cambridge is celebrating it's 800th anniversary. Whew that's one hell of a long time.
We happened upon this beautiful field of daffodils behind one of the colleges, I don't think we were meant to be there but the gardener didn't seem to mind us eating our picnic in a huddled mass trying to keep warm. Home-made-by-Lena Spanakopita delicious.
There weren't many people around; too early & too cold, but the punts are all ready for when they do.Next time we go I want to go to the lovely Orchard Tea rooms where Rupert Brook lived for a while. If the blossom is out like this in Cambridge it will be out in The Orchard too.Pity we didn't bring the bikes.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

My friend Mard

My friend Mardi, (she of the recent wedding in Oz), is a very talented photographer. Look at these recent beauties...I love this heart shaped leaf.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Skylark in West Harling

This morning on our operation Buns-O-steel bike ride I managed to catch the skylark that sings every morning as we ride by. There is one on either side of the road and they compete with one another as to how long & loud they can sing. It's such a glorious sound. Turn up your volume to hear it.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring has sprung

Today was the most beautiful spring day here. We decided to go to one of our favourite spots, Lopham Fen. After a slight detour of about 2 miles, I gave the camera to Ricardo and look what he came up with.....

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mmmmmmm Pav

Last night we had Clarissa and her Mum Annette and baby Zebedee over for dinner. I made curry Laksa, it was delicious but no photos I'm afraid. Here's a recipe though.
As a tribute to Australia and the Australian cook book that Annette had given us, Clarissa made a Pavlova topped with pomegranate seeds and raspberries. It was a whiz bang smash hit.
Fortunately there was some left over so I had to have it for breakfast. YUM

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Morning ride

Yes, operation 'Buns-o-steel' is back in full swing. If I didn't have my buddy Carryl to do it with, there would be no way I'd get up at 6.30 to step out into a thick frost and cycle until my fingers were numb. It's always worth it though. For the fresh air, the hilarious non stop chat and sometimes for magical moments like these....

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Nice niece seen in northern hemishere..

My niece Lena is one of my most favourite people in the whole world. An amazing sportswoman with a brilliant sense of humour. At the moment at the tender age of 18, she is travelling the world with her volleyball team. Here are a couple of photos of her for you. It's very rare to see Lena in anything but a pair of shorts and tee shirt so she sent this to us to reassure us that yes she had heeded our advice & was wearing long pants... I'd forgotten how exotic red phone booths are for other people
She may come & stay with us for a while, I'm trying not to put too much pressure on her....but if she doesn't, this is what we'll do to her.

Surfer Dude

Here for your entertainment also is Zebedee the surf Dude. He's not really THIS small it's just Netty & Ben are gigantically tall.
Watch out for Venus on the half shell...
The perfect practice pad...look Mum this is where the shark got me.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Tap frenzy

Just a little something to keep ypu entertained.