Friday, November 25, 2011

The latest exotic-ness

Today's the day! I'm having a Christmas exhibition here in East Harling with my friends who are both extremely talented girls. Sheila McDonald who makes stunning enamed jewelery and Maz Jackson who makes vibrant artwork using egg tempera and gold leaf.I've been beavering away in the workroom sewing cushions for weeks now and you'd think I'd run out of inspiration but it never happens. All I can think about is whether I'll have time to make all the cushions that live in my head. This time I've made more than one of a few of the really popular designs, as last time I had an exhibition people all seemed to want the ones that had sold.

I'm really excited because friends are coming from all over to have a look. The main question though is what on earth to wear?
I've used some of my really precious pieces and will be sorry to see say goodbye to these in particular with their peacock.. and bluebird of happiness embroideryIt's been ages since I managed to get anything onto the website and I'm sure people think I've dissapeared of the Exotic Cushions radar, it's just been so nice to just sit and make rather than dashing round the bedroom with lights, camera & various bits of fabric to then resize all the images, then write a description and upload everything etc etc. A few marvelous things have happened though, I did get a wonderful random phone call the other day from a man with a shop in Wiltshire saying he'd just found my site and wanted to know whether I wholesaled? I love the random things that happen from having my website out there. I also had a phone call from Vogue asking if I would like to put some cushions into the magazine. Oh My Goodness!! Of course I said yes please. It comes out on the 3rd of December so will be perfect timing for Christmas.I'd love to hear from anyone reading this though if they are a designer/manufacturer that manages to do the wholesale/retail thing. Please don't be shy, leave me a comment.
I've also been reading a few interesting blogs lately that were on a list in the Independent on Sunday. This is one of my favourites. Called all about a girl named Artemis and her partner Nao who make beautiful things and take wonderful photos.