Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer exhibition

Sorry it's been a week or so without a blog post but there's been so much to do to catch up after my two weekends away from the computer.
The exhibition last weekend went really well. I sold more cushions than ever before and the really nice thing was that it was mostly local people from East Harling that bought things. I'd made quite a few cheaper cushions thinking that because of the recession no one will buy anything expensive! On the contrary, I was left with all the cheaper ones and the most expensive and glamorous cushions went on the first day.
Here are some pictures of them on site at Sheila's house, unfortunately it was pretty dark and cosy in there so I had to use the flash.The one below on the right on the window sill, sold before we even opened the doors and almost every person after that wanted to buy it too. I can't get any more of that particular fabric but I have managed to find some with the same patterns of embroidery but in a different and even more gorgeous colourway
Here are the three exhibitors looking slightly gaga after all the hard work of getting everything ready. Maz Jackson on the left, Sheila McDonald in the middle and me trying to look keen on the right.
Here's Sheila looking a bit more relaxed in amongst her glass cases of beautiful enamel ware.
This is what she does...and another photo a little bright and hard to see though.

Here's Maz..
and her beautiful work, using egg tempera and gold leaf.
Thanks girls for a wonderful event and if you missed it, we'll be doing it again closer to Christmas. Email me if you would like details as to where and when on

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