Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Edwards Point

As I flip-flop from house-sit to house-sit here in Melbourne I often have nightmares of looming homelessness. So far that scenario has not eventuated and I'm lucky enough to live in a social strata that means I have enough friends to call on if I'm "in between" houses.
Some of my truest and most trusted friends are Ruth and Ian (and of course Lady the dog)
They live on the Bellarine Peninsula at a place called St Leonards and have always embraced my presence graciously. They have calmed my fears numerous times, saying that I can always come and live with them.
And who wouldn't want to live in this beautiful little corner of the world.(To all my northern hemisphere friends this must look like heaven; and it is)

 Unfortunately this little corner of heaven is 2 hours drive from Melbourne and work. So what I'd gain on the roundabout of idylic beach-side living, I'd lose on my money making swings.
Luckily last November, I had a big job of a whole house full of curtains which gained me a little bit of money to see me through over the summer break so I could spend a bit of time with these darlings without too much anxiety about my finances or place of abode.
I've been so lucky to be able to spend time with lovely people in a spectacular place. As my counsellor says "You always seem to land on your feet". Just look where those feet landed!

But now that Christmas is over & thoughts return to regular life, I find myself worrying afresh at my state of home or lack of. My photos start to all be of pathways
and me on them...

or living question marks...

BUT, I've had an idea! and you will have to wait for the next exciting instalment to find out just what that idea might be.....