Friday, January 31, 2014

Hot sun and squashed lemons

It's been a long time since posts gang I know, I know. I've been hiding from the heat down at the beach with friends.
I'm sitting house at a gorgeous place now though, owned by a gorgeous woman in Northcote. She has GREAT taste and I love staying here. It's cool and quiet, with an incredibly productive lemon tree and nice neighbours.
While I'm travelling & keeping my options open, I'm loving not having many possessions to cart round but occasionally I come across a house or a place that makes me think settling and buying "STUFF" again might be a good idea. 
 There are beautiful things to ponder in every room, like this tender combination of snake's skin and black & white baby photo, with tiny pieces of dried seaweed.
 A collection of Albert Namatjira's beautiful paintings as prints.
This painting in the bathroom that speaks of safety under water with your clan. 
 This clever use of seed pods from a date palm that lives in the back yard.
 Every room smells like lemons and I'm struggling to use them all. If you'd like some, give me a hoy and I'll bring them 'round (it might take me a while for me to get to East Harling, Norfolk though)
 Just one more beautiful combination of things for you to lust after.
I love living in Northcote, it's full of surprising things and great food and coffee. Graffiti everywhere and amazing tattoos on even the tiniest girls.