Friday, June 29, 2007

Meeting the Bish

Yesterday we took our life in our hands & went to the Big Bad City of London.

It was our friend Prue's confirmation at the Temple Church. We had no idea what to expect & took our seats tentatively inside the church. When to stand up, when to sit down, it was a potential minefield of inappropriate behaviour.

It turned out to be the most amazing experience. The Bishop of London gave the sermon and we sat spellbound as he gave the most spectacular oratory. The pinnacle of a Good English Education, here is one of his sentences from an interview with the Guardian on Green issues within the Church "The subject of climate change is a 'fast-rising stock' within the church. We are not divorced, abstracted minds playing with mere matter which is to be manipulated for our commodity." Wow, don't you wish you could speak like that at will. I got to meet him but was so overwhelmed I just listened as he told Prue & I about his earlier life before the Church. I couldn't stop staring at the fabulous cross around his neck too. Were they moonstones or opals?Couldn't decide what to wear because the weather has been so cold. Not good for garden party attire. Luckily everyone else was in black & white too. (How could I have been so preoccupied with such worldly things?)
There was even a confirmation cake afterwards in the Masters garden.

Kelly is coming

In April last year when my dad died, I received 2 comments on my blog from people I didn't know. It was amazing how much they soothed my grief. I felt there were like minded and compassionate people all over the world. The world shrank a little bit & life didn't seem so lonesome.
Now one of them is coming to visit. Kelly my long lost sister is bravely putting her trust in the universe & coming across the pond to little old East Harling in Norfolk.
I hope we can live up to her expectations. It will be interesting to see how two mad bloggers write about the same thing.
We are trying to figure out the menu. Will it be Navarin of lamb? Or maybe the broad been & beetroot salad. Definitely Tiramisu. I keep meaning to ask what you eat for breakfast Kellski.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

More viking fun

I know it's already Wednesday & there's a lot of STUFF I should be blogging about (Kelly) but I can't let these images go to waste from Sunday's viking encounter.
Sunday was indeed the Battle of Ringmere. An area close by us here, where the Vikings fought & won against the Saxons in 1010.
It's amazing how everyone wants to see a battle but it was pretty good, especially at the end when the victorious Danes came running straight for us. Maori warriors had nothing on these guys. Most of the re enactors were realy burly blokes & needed to be when you realised how heavy the chain mail & shields were. To have them running at you full tilt with swords, made your hackles rise.
There was one I did want to take home though ...this little cutey. Playing by herself in the middle of the field with a bow & arrow.

Then there was Grace, our favourite bellringer dressed in wolf skins. I could have easily taken her home.

Clarissa found one she wanted to take home too. A little puppy called Nutmeg. Luckily not eaten by the very large Eagle owl who kept an eye on him all afternoon.
Check out that tummy....

Saturday, June 23, 2007

The vikings are coming

From nothing to blog about to too one weekend.

This is the weekend we've all been waiting for. The one thousandth anniversary of Bridgham. The tiny village nearby. In 2001 there were 325 people living there. Probably not many more than there were in 1007.
The village swelled hugely this weekend as hundreds of re-enactor vikings brought history to life. It may be a small village but with David O'Neil at it's helm it could conquer anything. Including a viking invasion.
There was a special piece of music written for the event "Bridgham Salute" which the Bridgham & Harling band played faultlessly. William & a team of helpers created a viking ship a la chinese dragon, with people carrying it "Fred Flintstone" style.
This is one of the reasons I love living here. There is such an amazing sense of community. The whole village dressed up. Last night there was a hog roast for everyone living in the village (& us because Richard built the stage at Willie's place). It was the most amazing scene. EVERY SINGLE PERSON was dressed as a medieval character. Jesters, Kings, merry maids, Vikings with plastic horns, & real vikings with horns of ale. There was a dance with a band and shoes went flying as hundreds of people kicked up their heels.

Richard was one of the few men brave enough to wear tights. (The dividends paid off as all the girls commented on what great legs he has)

There was a pageant with the lady Aefwaru coming on horseback to present the village to the Bishop of Ely. It was so well done I cried. It really felt like you were there in 1007. (Except for the electricity wires in the background).

And the od biscuit tin.

Want, want, want a tent like this one.
Look Thomsey 'tis my wedding dress with new sleeves specially attached for the occasion.
We are off back to Bridgham today so I'll post some more pics tonight......xxxxx
Today...... the battle of Ringmere.

Monday, June 18, 2007

As we walked out one summer's evening.....

Last night at 9.45pm we walked out into scented air.

After the rain we needed something to settle the enormous amounts of food we'd just eaten at a friends 8 hour lunch. Unfortunately I didn't take my camera. A camera probably wouldn't have captured it anyway. (This cloud picture is one of William's that captures the mood)

As we walked up the lane we heard a deer barking. All the dogs in East Harling were answering it.

We walked further and because it was Sunday night there wasn't a soul around. It was enchanting. The air was still & clean and bats darted over us as we walked.

We walked past cottage after TV cottage all missing out on what was happening just outside their windows.

We looked for & found our friend Harold's beehives in a corner of a field.

Cats came out to welcome us as it was their world at that time of night too.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Spring gardens

It's been pouring with rain here. Not really cold but wet, wet, wet.

No wonder things grow here. There is an atmosphere of Jungle.....Here are some photos from our outing last weekend with Zebedee & his Mum & his Grandma tooWe wandered about the open gardens of our neighbouring village of Bridgham. Wonderfully green & smelling of cut grass.

Huddled near the fence were these sweet little lambs almost steaming with wamth & cosiness. Made you want to climb the fence & get in amongst them.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Swallows & Amazons

Working for Heather is not like working at all.
On Wednesday we went to an amazing house, where we measured up for 2 sofas and three chairs. It was designed by Lutyens, had its own private lake and was just like out of an Arthur Ransome book.
"The Coot Club" is the book that's set near us here in Norfolk. Richard & I have read it many times & keep promising ourselves we'll go on a tour of the Norfolk Broads and recreate the true 'Swallows & Amazons' experience.
We decided to make a party of it & had a picnic outside. The rain held off & we drank "lashings of ginger beer" on pink petal party plates. I made meringues & we had clotted cream & strawberries too.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Johny's birthday bash

On Sunday we had another lovely day. After falling asleep nude in the backyard in the sun.......we went to help our friend Johny celebrate his 65th birthday.

John is a real party boy, and Sunday was no exception. His beautiful new girlfriend (fiance actually)Renata from Ipanema was there. Hopefully John's exuberant style wasn't too much of a shock for her. Everyone was instructed to bring an instrument. There were wall to wall guitars. We all had a great big singalong, much champagne & much fun.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Eye, bells, tea and cards

We had an unexpectedly nice day yesterday. It was a gorgeous sunny day.
We went over to ring the bells for a wedding at the Church at a place called Eye. A beautiful village in nearby Suffolk, with fantastic ancient houses and a very beautiful Church. The Church is a remarkable example of the "Perpendicular" period (said with a plum in the mouth) in architecture. I've written more about it here. Afterwards we treated ourselves with the money we made from ringing those wild Eye bells, to afternoon tea and cake.
After that we packed up a picnic dinner & spent the evening with Clarissa & Joe & Zebedee at the Banham Barrell. Drinking cider & playing cards on a rug. Very very nice.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Real life again...

Heather sent me this photo's entitled, 'A day in the life of a loose cover maker'. It pretty much typifies how life has gone back to normal round here too. Richard & I hurt all over from working again. What a pathetic pair of crocs we are.
We're supposed to be going out dancing tonight but I keep thinking forward to how soon I can come home & go to bed.
At least the weather has improved.