Friday, June 29, 2007

Meeting the Bish

Yesterday we took our life in our hands & went to the Big Bad City of London.

It was our friend Prue's confirmation at the Temple Church. We had no idea what to expect & took our seats tentatively inside the church. When to stand up, when to sit down, it was a potential minefield of inappropriate behaviour.

It turned out to be the most amazing experience. The Bishop of London gave the sermon and we sat spellbound as he gave the most spectacular oratory. The pinnacle of a Good English Education, here is one of his sentences from an interview with the Guardian on Green issues within the Church "The subject of climate change is a 'fast-rising stock' within the church. We are not divorced, abstracted minds playing with mere matter which is to be manipulated for our commodity." Wow, don't you wish you could speak like that at will. I got to meet him but was so overwhelmed I just listened as he told Prue & I about his earlier life before the Church. I couldn't stop staring at the fabulous cross around his neck too. Were they moonstones or opals?Couldn't decide what to wear because the weather has been so cold. Not good for garden party attire. Luckily everyone else was in black & white too. (How could I have been so preoccupied with such worldly things?)
There was even a confirmation cake afterwards in the Masters garden.

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