Friday, June 01, 2007

Real life again...

Heather sent me this photo's entitled, 'A day in the life of a loose cover maker'. It pretty much typifies how life has gone back to normal round here too. Richard & I hurt all over from working again. What a pathetic pair of crocs we are.
We're supposed to be going out dancing tonight but I keep thinking forward to how soon I can come home & go to bed.
At least the weather has improved.


suez said...

please could you tell me what Heather was doing with those balls of washed string?

Het said...

Hi Sue, Hope you are well and enjoying being home again.
I was pre shrinking piping cord ready for loose covers. Jo really came up trumps yesterday. We cut out five patterns between us, which was hard work!
Love for now, Heather.

JoeyJoJo said...

We did indeed. In very beautiful surroundings too. Will blog it soon.....when I can catch 5 minutes spare.