Monday, June 18, 2007

As we walked out one summer's evening.....

Last night at 9.45pm we walked out into scented air.

After the rain we needed something to settle the enormous amounts of food we'd just eaten at a friends 8 hour lunch. Unfortunately I didn't take my camera. A camera probably wouldn't have captured it anyway. (This cloud picture is one of William's that captures the mood)

As we walked up the lane we heard a deer barking. All the dogs in East Harling were answering it.

We walked further and because it was Sunday night there wasn't a soul around. It was enchanting. The air was still & clean and bats darted over us as we walked.

We walked past cottage after TV cottage all missing out on what was happening just outside their windows.

We looked for & found our friend Harold's beehives in a corner of a field.

Cats came out to welcome us as it was their world at that time of night too.

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suez said...

how wonderful i wish we had smell-o-film so that we could all feel the atmosphere of your night out.....