Saturday, June 23, 2007

The vikings are coming

From nothing to blog about to too one weekend.

This is the weekend we've all been waiting for. The one thousandth anniversary of Bridgham. The tiny village nearby. In 2001 there were 325 people living there. Probably not many more than there were in 1007.
The village swelled hugely this weekend as hundreds of re-enactor vikings brought history to life. It may be a small village but with David O'Neil at it's helm it could conquer anything. Including a viking invasion.
There was a special piece of music written for the event "Bridgham Salute" which the Bridgham & Harling band played faultlessly. William & a team of helpers created a viking ship a la chinese dragon, with people carrying it "Fred Flintstone" style.
This is one of the reasons I love living here. There is such an amazing sense of community. The whole village dressed up. Last night there was a hog roast for everyone living in the village (& us because Richard built the stage at Willie's place). It was the most amazing scene. EVERY SINGLE PERSON was dressed as a medieval character. Jesters, Kings, merry maids, Vikings with plastic horns, & real vikings with horns of ale. There was a dance with a band and shoes went flying as hundreds of people kicked up their heels.

Richard was one of the few men brave enough to wear tights. (The dividends paid off as all the girls commented on what great legs he has)

There was a pageant with the lady Aefwaru coming on horseback to present the village to the Bishop of Ely. It was so well done I cried. It really felt like you were there in 1007. (Except for the electricity wires in the background).

And the od biscuit tin.

Want, want, want a tent like this one.
Look Thomsey 'tis my wedding dress with new sleeves specially attached for the occasion.
We are off back to Bridgham today so I'll post some more pics tonight......xxxxx
Today...... the battle of Ringmere.


Suez said...

yes yes yes I want a tent like that too Whats it like inside? I also immediately knew it was your wedding dress before I read the text I love you heaps .Keep on Keeping on !@!!

JoeyJoJo said...

It was kind of small & dark (no windows)... I suppose you could call it cosy especially with the WOLF skins on the floor!!!!
But the whole front of the tent opens out like your own little annex.Then it's a party tent.

kelly said...

you guys have the best fun EVER! xxx

Anonymous said...

Hey, love the revamped wedding dress and also love the 'new green dress'- gorge ! love mard xxx

JoeyJoJo said...

Hey Mard, I know you have a blog so you don't need to be anonymous any on you green lover you.

Mardi Sommerfeld said...

Had to go anon 'cos I had trouble w signing in and posting a comment... ! forgot to say that I love a man in tights.... Thanks for Biggy comments, love Mard xx