Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The big day!!!

 At last. 
It was meant to be the end of the world as we knew it and it was for my niece Amy and her paramour Trent. Their lives changed on the 22nd of December for good.
We'd been watching the weather for days to see if it was going to be fine for the wedding of the year.
Here is a photo tour for you.
 The plans have been happening for a year now and finally it was time to take the wire off the plants and give the rabbits free rein!


 All is ready..

 This is the area out the back of the property which was set up for the ceremony.
 Amy's grandfather was a sculptor and kept an enormous amount of rusty bits & pieces. Who knew they'd come in handy as props for this fantabulous event.

 The scene was set.
 Ready for the grand entrance.



 Finally just as we began to swelter in the sun, the bridesmaids started to walk down the slope, led by Lena, Amy's sister. Never before seen by me in a frock. Looking like a grecian goddess fresh from Olympia.
 looking as cool as a cucumber in her red & aqua trainers.

  7 groomsmen ....
 .. and 8 bridesmaids
 First sighting of "The FROCK"
 The meeting of the clans



 Then it was time for the PARTY!!!

 and the speeches...
 and the dancing

 Then the pack up..
Time to put the mirror ball back in its box

 .... wash all the glasses
 and sit down .... for a few days.