Friday, January 27, 2006

Some interesting links

Found a few great websites lately.
One for the literary amongst you has the group nouns for all sorts of things.
Another has a great site which tells you the whereabouts in the UK your ancestors lived in 1881 and then where they moved to in 1998.
Yet another is a very groovy clothing company in North Norfolk called Old Town Clothing
And another fabulous one with amazing pencil carvings
Here's a couple of photo's of them.

Inspired by Barcelona

Here are some recent photo's of the cushions I have sent off to 'La Pedrera' gift shop in Barcelona.
They are hot pink cotton velvet with tassels made by me.
I went to the gift shop on my recent trip & was very impressed with their products.
I hope they order bucket loads & I am off on an International selling marathon.

I've also made a ring cushion recently for my friend Julie Bytheway's wedding. (Yes her Great grandfather was a foundling who was indeed found 'by the way'.)
She'd been searching for a ring cushion and could only find crappy white lacey ones. I sprang into action & here's the result.