Thursday, November 30, 2006

Lost in a world of curtains

Dear committed blog readers.
I know I haven't posted for ages. I have been having a shit (forgive the swearing, an indication of how frustrated I am) of a time really.
Making curtains (or trying to make curtains).
I thought I was a good sewer, I thought curtains were easy. Both thoughts were wrong, naive (the dictionary definition is correct "having or showing a lack of experience, judgment, or information").
Here are some photos of Richard putting the eyelets into a set of huge cutains for some clients. I managed to take the picture even though my fingers are down to the bone from all the work I've been doing.I've been getting up at 6am to try & get everything done. I keep making mistakes. I had to remake a curtain completely because of a large "wee like" stain from the "Crease away" ironing spray product that I sprayed on with too much enthusiasm.
Still I haven't even looked at the one job I really want to get onto which is the altar cloth for the church which is meant to be done for Christmas.
At this stage I'll be hiding under the Duvet when Christmas rolls around.

Just when you'd think I had enough work, I foolishly took on another giant loose couch cover too. Stupid stupid.
The only consolation being that the house I went to to measure up at was absolutely, amazingly gorgeous.17th century half timbered 3 story Tudor MANSION. Here are a few shots of the interior. Complete with grand piano. Beats working in a factory I suppose.

Now where did I put that thimble........

Monday, November 20, 2006

Just hanging around

We've just been hanging round the house lately. Hibernating inside.We did however have some friends over for lunch (Goats cheese croquettes, tomato & olive salad and baked apples with gingercake custard) on the weekend.
We went for a walk after lunch past the beautiful church in West Harling. It stands in a field all by itself. No electricity or anything. It's great when they have a Christmas carol service & the whole place is lit by candles & smells like mince tarts & mulled wine.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

More autum colours

I just finished the last post & looked out the back door & what do you know, suddenly the leaves have changed & everywhere there is glorious colour......

even inside...

Autumnal colours

We went to a gorgeous English Pub on the UK Suffolk coast at Orford on Sunday for lunch with my brother & sister-in-law. The Crown & Castle is well worth a visit. Quiet & tasteful.
Afterwards at about 4pm!!!!! Yes it's getting dark mighty early these days. We went down to the quay & watched these beautiful colours as the sun set

I've just come home from a coffee out with my friend & old boss Caroline & this is what greeted me at our front door. I've been going in & out without noticing that the highlighter pen has been out.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The dinner

Yet another fabulous dinner has to be recorded.
Tonight's meal was "Beer-can chicken" from"Never was there more amusement to be had from roasting a chicken. The bird is 'stuffed' with a can of beer, which bastes it from the inside out. Result: extra moist chicken. Two things to remember: don't drink too much of the beer or your chicken will fall over (possibly you will too); and make sure that the chicken is at room temperature before cooking."

Here we see Richard doing a fine was amazing & delicious.
(Do be careful if you cook this, the beer gets mighty hot.)

Monday, November 06, 2006

The Cook

Richard (as you probably know by now), is an absolute star.
And after waiting 43 years he's now all mine (although there have been a few requests to go onto the waiting list for when they clone him).
Since he's been working on the boat (see previous post) & hasn't been getting up as early at his usual 5.15 am !!!! he's been cooking almost every evening meal. He sits down on the weekend with the latest Waitrose magazine, works out what we'll have for the week & then we get to sit down to an amazing gourmet meal every night. WOWEE KAZOWEE. How good is that?
Here he is with a meal from last week....racks of lamb with sundried tomato & herb crust, home cooked borlotti beans, roasted carrots & sugar snap peas.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

The boat

When I first met Richard at Mick Conway's National Junk band CD launch at the "Corner Hotel" in Richmond, Australia, he had photos with him of his boat 'Roxane'. He'd bought her in England and was in the process of fixing her up.
It seemed like such a romantic, adventurous thing to do. I wanted "in" on it. A guy like that, must be up for anything...........and he could dance.
In the 3 and a half years since we met, it's been a joy & a burden. It takes Richard away almost every Saturday and any other spare time in between. Often I've felt pretty jealous of her.

For the last 6 weeks with help from my Dad he's been able to work on it solidly. He's got up early every week day & come home tired but so happy, it's been an absolute joy. He's doing the MOST incredible job.
She's 27 feet long and about 9 feet wide with a steel hull. She's a Dutch 'Ackerboom' of which only a few were made this size. He's stripped her out completely. All her superstructure has been taken off & re-made. All her metal parts re-chromed. new ribs, new roof, new everything.
Ther's still one week to go before he goes back to work...
Here's what she looks like now. Still a long way to go but almost all the outside is done.
I've never been out on her but BOY are we going to have one hell of a party when she's done.
P.S. Roxi helped lots too. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thursday, November 02, 2006


Just like Amy Winehouses new album we're "Back to black". A blessed relief.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Look what we found on our doorstep....
the cutest little pumpkin.