Sunday, November 05, 2006

The boat

When I first met Richard at Mick Conway's National Junk band CD launch at the "Corner Hotel" in Richmond, Australia, he had photos with him of his boat 'Roxane'. He'd bought her in England and was in the process of fixing her up.
It seemed like such a romantic, adventurous thing to do. I wanted "in" on it. A guy like that, must be up for anything...........and he could dance.
In the 3 and a half years since we met, it's been a joy & a burden. It takes Richard away almost every Saturday and any other spare time in between. Often I've felt pretty jealous of her.

For the last 6 weeks with help from my Dad he's been able to work on it solidly. He's got up early every week day & come home tired but so happy, it's been an absolute joy. He's doing the MOST incredible job.
She's 27 feet long and about 9 feet wide with a steel hull. She's a Dutch 'Ackerboom' of which only a few were made this size. He's stripped her out completely. All her superstructure has been taken off & re-made. All her metal parts re-chromed. new ribs, new roof, new everything.
Ther's still one week to go before he goes back to work...
Here's what she looks like now. Still a long way to go but almost all the outside is done.
I've never been out on her but BOY are we going to have one hell of a party when she's done.
P.S. Roxi helped lots too. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Anonymous said...

wow. What an adventure. I can see you two sailing the high seas on her when finished - having grand adventures, and maybe even dressing up like a pirate!

Kudos to Richard and dad ... nice job!