Tuesday, June 05, 2012


It's a while now since the Jubilee weekend but it's taken me that long to recover.
It was amazing and exciting and wet and fun & hilarious. Look what happened to the Harling lamb?
The road signs...
and the phone booth.
There were so many flags out and people were in such high spirits.
This was at a barbecue I went to with a few friends, with button cakes...
Raspberry & vodka icecream....
Jubilee Battenburg cake....
Then it was off to Bridgham for fun down by the river at William & Cath's place ... the Whitegates center for world peace.
There had been a flotilla of boats down the river from East Harling to Bridgham and much fun & merriment on the way down with only a few mishaps. I think 17 boats in all went down the river, unfortunately I missed it as I was at the North Creake Farmers market for the morning.
However I hurried down there as soon as I got back on Saturday afternoon.
No red white & blue yet.... I passed this cute tent on the way down the path to the river where I could hear people yelling & laughing.

..and this is what I found.

...so of courseI had to hop into a boat and try my hand at paddling.
Of course with the host & hostess in our boat we won!Thanks Will & Cath for opening up your place for a bloody great day.
Knackered now.....