Monday, December 05, 2011

Dr Karl

One of the things I love most about Australian radio is Dr Karl and I logged onto the radio station called Triple J recently to hear his hysterically funny and educational talk back programme today only to find that it had been his 30Th anniversary of being on Triple J. If you have half an hour to spare please pull up a chair and listen to this fantastic programme. He's a living treasure is Dr Karl whose maxim is the quote from Socrates "The unexamined life is not worth living."
The JJJ presenters must have had a lot of fun deciding what kind of cake to make for him but seeing as his favourite organ is the Uterus, it was an obvious choice to make a uterus cake!Here he is getting all teary with his gorgeous wife
Love you Dr Karl. You've brightened many a long sewing project.


It's not every day that Vogue magazine plops onto your doormat with one of your cushions in it! QUICK unwrap it fast.
Noooo that's not me on the cover, but I may think of doing my hair this way for a certain forthcoming birthday bash.
It's here.... get out the magnifying glass and see if you can read it. They did brilliant things with the words. Who ever thought Exotic cushions would sound so glamorous!

Now let the games begin.