Wednesday, June 27, 2007

More viking fun

I know it's already Wednesday & there's a lot of STUFF I should be blogging about (Kelly) but I can't let these images go to waste from Sunday's viking encounter.
Sunday was indeed the Battle of Ringmere. An area close by us here, where the Vikings fought & won against the Saxons in 1010.
It's amazing how everyone wants to see a battle but it was pretty good, especially at the end when the victorious Danes came running straight for us. Maori warriors had nothing on these guys. Most of the re enactors were realy burly blokes & needed to be when you realised how heavy the chain mail & shields were. To have them running at you full tilt with swords, made your hackles rise.
There was one I did want to take home though ...this little cutey. Playing by herself in the middle of the field with a bow & arrow.

Then there was Grace, our favourite bellringer dressed in wolf skins. I could have easily taken her home.

Clarissa found one she wanted to take home too. A little puppy called Nutmeg. Luckily not eaten by the very large Eagle owl who kept an eye on him all afternoon.
Check out that tummy....


Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed our show as much as we enjoyed being in Bridgham!

Gordon Monks,
Chief Marshal ("the Rottweiler General"),
The Vikings.

JoeyJoJo said...

Yay. A real Viking on my blog. Look out!!!!!!!!!!