Monday, October 13, 2008

Lovely Autumn weekend

We had the loveliest weekend. We'd both been sick with colds through the week so Richard decided to have a day off doing boat work on Saturday and we just goofed off. Not only Saturday but Sunday too. It was sunny & still, the perfect Autumn day. We went to Lopham Fen our favourite little haven of peace.
Here's Ricardo doing a spot of birdwatching...
No binoculars needed here because there weren't any birds. I don't know where they'd all gone, maybe to Australia to escape the coming winter. There were a few dragonflies about and three Blue tits at the end of the walk, prompting Ricardo to say quite innocently, "I love Tits".... Very peaceful though with the just the wind in the reed beds.
Somebody was meant to have a haircut on Sunday at Clarissa's so I took a last photo of the "Lucky curls". Alas though Clarry was busy & the curls are staying another week or so.
I'd kill for hair like this.
On Sunday afternoon, we went for a drive to a place called Horsey and a long walk along the beach. This area is famous for it's seals that come up onto the beach in Winter with their babies. I didn't think we'd see any but sure enough as we walked along seals kept bobbing their heads up amongst the waves. They're such wonderful creatures. So curious and sweet. Was it us watching them or them watching us?

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Roxi xxx said...

I was about to file a missing blogger report!

But here you are. Matt and have both been sick this weekend too. Blurgh. And ours was such a beautiful Spring weekend.... spent lying on the couch in a sinusy misery.

I work with a Horsey, I'll have to ask if she knows her origins....

Oh, Matt always says Tits are his favourite too... ;)