Friday, October 03, 2008

Golden bolster

I just finished a lovely commission for a friend Jan.
It's her Mother & Father's golden wedding anniversary and she wanted a gold and white cushion.
Betty & Rod Wood, Jan's parents are two of the nicest people you could ever meet. Sometimes when I'm singing earnestly in choir at Church, I see them canoodling & giggling with each other. If my relationship could be half as good in 45 years time I'd be very happy. So it's nice to make something that I know will be part of their happy home for a long time to come.

It has cream silk Damask on the ends which is from Sudbury silk mills. The Mother of pearl buttons are antique and from a tiny button shop in Montmartre in Paris . The beautiful silk satin central panel is from an antique altar cloth I found in Walsingham. I think it’s Victorian but could be older with it’s unusual gold leaf & grape shaped sequins. The gold damask piping is from a small piece of silk that I had left after making a cope for David Hill. It's filled with feathers & is nicely squishy.

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