Saturday, March 28, 2009


My lovely neice Lena has been staying here with us and it's been pretty busy so no time to blog. Here are a few pics of us in Cambridge where we took her to look at the Fitzwilliam museum and the river and other Cambridge-like stuff.
The beutiful Kings college.
Cambridge is celebrating it's 800th anniversary. Whew that's one hell of a long time.
We happened upon this beautiful field of daffodils behind one of the colleges, I don't think we were meant to be there but the gardener didn't seem to mind us eating our picnic in a huddled mass trying to keep warm. Home-made-by-Lena Spanakopita delicious.
There weren't many people around; too early & too cold, but the punts are all ready for when they do.Next time we go I want to go to the lovely Orchard Tea rooms where Rupert Brook lived for a while. If the blossom is out like this in Cambridge it will be out in The Orchard too.Pity we didn't bring the bikes.


Roxi said...

Lena is wearing shorts..... ummmm... what the????

suez said...

Thanks for the pics of the lovely girl.and lovely aunty and uncle..I want one of those bike baskets please....I know it is always going to be the shorts. Maybe the Spanish can change her mind..Who knows!!!