Monday, August 21, 2006

Kudos millionaires....

Ages ago back in June we had the Hen weekend.
Well now after much work, waiting & sleepless nights (& that's only on my part) the stage was set for Tess & Wills wedding to finally happen. The wedding of the year:
With Richard & next door neighbour Lisa & friend Kate's help, we catered for 80 people to sit down & eat a Thai feast on the big day. Here's the menu.

Tess & Will’s wedding menu

19th August 2006

A Thai feast for family & friends to celebrate a momentous occasion

Stuffed & marinated Thai aubergine.
Vietnamese rice paper rolls.
Vegetarian sushi
Organic salmon or Organic tofu wrapped in banana leaves with an aromatic green Thai sauce.

Pumpkin, sweet potato Thai Holy basil & pine nut salad
Bean, cucumber, paw-paw, peanut salad
Vermicelli rice noodle, cherry tomato, mint, coriander, red onion salad

Coconut, mango & raspberry homemade ice creams & sorbets
3 tiered, heart shaped, chocolate mud cake with chocolate ganache & sugared almonds

And what do you know... apart from having to make a complete 2nd wedding cake & a horrendous barbeque moment, when it was roaring like a furnace & charring the banana leaves before thay even hit the grill. It all went well. Even Will's granny was happy & didn't have to eat Kate's cheese sandwich that she brought in her bag.
The ceremony took place at Kimberly Hall in Norfolk. A very beautiful old country estate with the grounds laid out by Capability Brown.
The ethereal Lucy sang "I'm in the mood for love" unaccompanied as Tessie walked in on her grandfather's arm, looking radiant in white with a veil & everything. Will looked like a copy of the Castor & Pollux historic plasterwork statues above him.
The weddings we usually attend as choir & bellringers at East Harling Church are usually pretty formal events & occasionally the guests may give a polite clap as the bride & groom Tess & Will's everybody whooped & wolf whistled & hollered for about 5 minutes. After we all stopped, the celebrant grinned & with impeccable timing said "very restrained", in a very english accent.
Afterwards we all went out into the park for a glass of champagne.
Everyone was asked to wear a touch of pink...some of us wore more than a touch. Here's the beautiful Clarissa out of Planet Luton Hospital for a few days now that baby Zebedee has been transferred to Norwich & weighs 650 grams.

And here's Tessies Grandfather Dr David Palmer & her 2nd Dad, Rob behind him...

there will be more photos of the bride & groom coming as well as post party fun when I can track down Joe Man & his camera.....


kelly said...

wow! Looks like a marvelous event. I love love love the pink and the draped dining area looks magical. Did you do that too?

JoeyJoJo said...

Nooooo.... For once my textile skills weren't needed. A whole army of friends & relations helped out.
Thank God. The cooking was enough. Phew. Need to sit down even thinking about it.

skips said...

Sorry for my absecnce on the blog for a while.

This truly looks like ana mazing event to have been a part of.

JoeyJoJo said...

Thanks Amy.
You'd love love love Tess & Will and Clarissa & Joe & Robyn & Rob & everyone. Hurry up with the penny saving programme & get your arse over here.
Much love from meeeee.