Saturday, August 26, 2006

Big Sis

My Big Sister is the best sister you could ever wish for. She is my inspiration in food & sewing & knitting & how best to love children and just in living life generally.
We were just like any other naughties when we were growing up & I remember a particular game she had where she would stand with arms & legs spread wide to block the doorway & chant "Say your name or you can't get through" still makes me boil thinking about the power struggles we went through.
All that changed when Mum & Dad split up & it was us against the world, we learned to cook so as to feed ourselves & busied our minds & hands by making couldn't have wished for a more caring buddy, I felt she was there for me at all times, my protector.
I love her.

And here are some pictures of things she might pheasants madly criss crossing the track....


and my new knitting project for Zebedee..

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suez said...

thankyou my lovely sister.