Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Norwich UK. A fine city.

On Saturday we decided to go to Norwich. I needed a new dress to wear in all this hot weather and Richard needed new flip-flops? Thongs? Jandles? What are they called in America???

It is indeed a fine city. The town hall seen here was remarkably undamaged during the Baedeker bombings in the 2nd world war. (Named after the famous guide books. Bombings of historically interesting towns & cities in England.) I have heard a rumour that it was saved because Hitler was appreciative of it's fascist style architecture.

The beautiful spire is the top of St Peter Mancroft Church (it has a ring of 12 bells...a Maximus). The first true peal of 5,040 changes was rung here in 1715.
The spire is the same as on our church in East Harling. We think ours looks much more balanced on our smaller church. This one's a bit like a pimple on an elephant.

Richard is pointing at the amazing flint work on the walls of the church. It's whats called "knapped flint". The piece of stone is broken to show an internal face. Tricky stuff. Still used today on more expensive architecture.
And just in case you were wondering...I did get a new dress from the fabulously cheap TK MAXX
I bought it with money I got for ringing the bells at 2 weddings. Yay.

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