Sunday, June 04, 2006

Tessie's hen weekend

Well. It finally happened. Tessie's hen weekend...
And I've finally made it. Someone's Special friend at last. (Well special along with 14 other SPECIAL women).....Once upon a time, girls who were getting married went for a night out. It usually involved a stripper & large amounts of alchohol. These days it seems to involve 3 days away in an idyllic retreat, eating amazing food, doing yoga & bonding in a big way. Yes, large amounts of alchohol were consumed but no tacky stripper (was that good or bad?)......It started with some seriously girly nail painting & some bunting application, and then went on through an amazing array of great food including fresh aparagus with Aiolli mayonaise, goats cheese tarts with fresh thyme, Margeuritas, some disgusting cocktail that tasted like Ticksylix cough mixture but got better & better as it went along, a picnic on the beach with chocolate dipped strawberries & loads of champagne (although it was freezing on the bloody English sea front at West Runton, thus my mexican garb, thanks to Clarissa!!!!)
And who could forget the sticky chocolate pudding with the not-quite-set-ice-cream that we all waited so long for.
I had my first Pimms no. 1 cup, in a lovely country pub garden, a welcome repast as we'd almost got lost trying to find it.
An incredible group of gorgeous women who I consider myself very lucky to have found.
Thank you Tessie for bringing us all together and thanks Emily,Hannah, Kerry,Amieeeeeeee, Lucybelle, Gwenaelle, Clarissa, Rachel, Christina, Emma, Vero, Robyn, Gabrielle & Mia. Marvelous bunch of creative, inspiring, joyous women. I love you all.


clarissa said...

really fantastic pictures!!! What a great weekend.xx

JoeyJoJo said...

Yay Clarissa. The first one with a comment. Cheered me up immenseley.

kelly said...

Sounds like tons of fun!