Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Punt racing at Will's

The gorgeous William Fairbank , (here seen with son Sam) had a big punt racing day at the Centre for World Peace at Bridgham on Sunday. It was a huge success & William's family team won yet again. (All those children have been honed to a sharp point of competitiveness over the years). You can see my Richard in the back of the boat that came 2nd, encouraging his team of Vicars, boat mechanics, carpenters & 1 spunky girl for good measure.
William is one hell of a bloke, inspiring in the extreme.
He's built this lovely little structure that looks like a leaf & drips water off it's tip when it rains. When you sit in it you are right over the river and can see the reeds under the water swaying as the current goes by. Truly peaceful.
We had our wedding reception here in the most beautiful 3 acres of land going down to the river you could ever wish for, and as you can see it's still a magical place for us.
A magical place for others too, where you don't have to 18 to be able to drive.


kelly said...

sounds like great fun.

Elizabeth BOORN said...

Hello there you two,
I've just had a peak at the photos of the big party that I missed chez William - I'm very impressed by your site - what fun and how interesting to look at, keep up the good work... I had a great time with Will in Prague and promise to get over to see his wonderful haven of peace this year....LOVE TO YOU BOTH & BRAVO, LIZ

Anonymous said...

Hooray Liz. I just found this comment from you.When when are you coming???? Want to see you. Must make up for lost time. xxxxxxxx Joey et Ricardo