Thursday, June 22, 2006

Soccer, Jackson Pollock & roses.

Try this Link if Jackson Pollock is your thang. It's a great way to cheer yourself up. Thanks to Kelly for the link.
Also I found my camera & this lovely picture of a rose on it from last week at Heather's. What kind is it again Heather??
I'm not usually one for sporty events but my nieces Amy & Lena have dragged me into it recently....for the first time in history Australia goes through to the 2nd round in the world cup. There will be Tim Tams consumed.


kelly said...

Now, I simply must find some of these TIM TAMs. And as it's obvious the US is going to go anywhere in the World Cup, I'll join you in cheering OZ on.

kelly said...

And my sweet Ken has been mesmerized by the Pollock thing since I showed it to him.... he's created and saved many masterpieces already.

skips said...

Go Aussie. Go Soccer. Go Tim Tams.

Heather said...

Hi Jo,
This is called Rosa Mundi, after Queen Rosamund.

JoeyJoJo said...

Yay thanks for this comment from you lovely Heather. (Never Naughty Heather)