Monday, June 19, 2006

The Weekend...

Seems like this blog is turning into a Weekend thing and that's with a capital 'W'. Weekends are so precious.
Here's what we did on Saturday....
We went to the 'Boat'. (Note the capital letter here as well).
I hit my head a lot & grumbled a lot & sat in the shade & embroidered while Richard worked like a trooper. I'll be amazed when it's finished if he ever lets me on because I've done so little to help & been so grumpy in the process. It was however a beautiful sunny day. Summer is here.

When Richard was little he lived in a tiny village called Kelsale in Suffolk. His Mum used to to take him out on the back of her bike to all sorts of places nearby. One of which was a pretty little seaside town called Thorpeness. It had what's called a "meare". A little shallow lake. Where you could hire boats & pootle about on the water. (Where Richard's love of boats first began.)

Thorpeness was designed by Glencairne Stuart Ogilvie, playwrite & barrister, a friend of J M Barrie's in the 1920's who made the lake like a miniature Peter Pan island, with 'Wendy's house' & a crocodile & everything. It's now slightly faded but still exactly as it was all those years ago. An undiscovered gem.
So... imagine a beautiful sunny day, pretty little clinker built boats, dragonflies of blue, orange & green, rare orchids, a picnic by the lake with monkey followed by a sleep in the sun. Heaven on Earth.

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