Sunday, August 17, 2008

We went out on Saturday night. That is out somewhere else in France AT NIGHT other than here at La Fosse. I was so excited. Liz had said we'd go out for Laure's birthday to something called a "Guinguette" pronounced gang-get. She said it was tables set up by the Loire where you had a cheap and simple meal. It sounded very romantic and it was. The word Guinguette means a "building of fortune", like a temporary building. It was right down the end of a dirt track along beside a levee at a place called Port de vallée. A funny long low building with a built in verandah with windows that folded down outwards. You were right on the river but up high so you could see birds flying by & the light gradually changing on the small island in the middle of the wide, wide river. It was absolutely magical. The room was hung with coloured light bulbs and filled up with families and dogs. The meal was truly marvelous. We ate a fish called Sandre (I'm not sure what it is in English) with beurre blanc sauce some puréed carrot, leeks and one whole baby potato. Simple and sensational. Here's a picture of a Sandre randomly from the internet.

(I stupidly forgot to take my camera with me. Ricardo took some photos with his phone but we don't have the down loader thingy with us so you'll have to wait.)
The best part of the evening was the music. A duo of handsome Frenchmen called Les Z’aminches . They made the night. The whole restaurant was singing along with the guitar & accordian players. Here are some photos of them from their Myspace webspace. Check out the link & enjoy.

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