Sunday, August 03, 2008

Bonjour mes amis

At last after a mammoth drive and very little sleep, we arrived here at La Fosse de Tigne, a tiny village in the Loire valley. Thank God Richard is such a gentleman because I sent us in the wrong direction a couple of times and he patiently got us back on the right track.

Here we are giving a toast to Kelly who tried her darndest to get here but couldn't quite make it.
We are here staying with Richard's friend Liz who he knows from yonks ago in Frankston (Colloquially, Frankston is referred to as 'Franga', 'Frangers' or 'Funkytown' in Australia). Liz is the Red Adair of the film world in Paris now and if you ever want someone to sort something out (like an Internet connection on a PC in a small village in France) then Liz is your girl.
It's great to be here. Already we have eaten ten times more than we normally do. You know you're in good company when everyone starts talking about what we're going to have for dinner even before you've finished lunch.
We went to a boot sale and fete today and Richard fell in love...we had to purchase this fabulous vehicle.
A bike named after the infamous Jaques Anquetil who won five Tours de France and was the first French rider to wear the yellow jersey from the first day to the last in 1961. Doesn't he look the part? Maybe he needs a beret?The fetes theme was 'Perigord' and they had dancers from that area dancing to weird bagpipes and a hurdy-gurdy.


kelly said...

Oh my. It looks LOVELY! I raise my glass to you, mes cher amies.


Anonymous said...

Bienvenue en france mes amies is it hot there? It is boiling here.

Sally WJ said...

Silly silly because anonymous is me!

JoeyJoJo said...

Hi guys. Even though I have the best French teacher in the world, I think I've written my title wrong. Could this be possible?

Sally WJ said...

Err only a bit should be mes amis because it is a plural and takes the masculine form. I expect that your French teacher will be forgiving if she's any good at all! How's the French going? Using all those lovely verbs? It's too hot to even think here siesta time I think.
Bissous Sally