Monday, August 25, 2008

Back with a bang

Well where should I start? (It's going to be a long one so pull up a comfy chair).

I finished the loose cover I was doing for Liz & it worked out well (I think). The fabric was perfect for her lovely old french farmhouse. Here's a picture for your's such an amazing building with walls two and a half feet thick. So cool on a hot day.

Last Thursday at about 2pm we left La Fosse to drive back to the UK and drove at a leisurely pace until we realised that we hadn't really left enough time to get to Calais. Slightly panicked we realised we were going to be late for our 9 pm crossing. Oh well, so be it. Here is a last photo of the Church at Tigne the nearest town. and this video I took as we drove off past all those vines. (You can hear our Aussie whine at the end, I don't think Richard knew he was 'ON'.)

Waiting at the Ferry terminal in Calais is like some bizarre Wim Wenders movie. An industrial landscape of trucks and planes, flyovers and huge ships. As we waited in line, slightly hysterical from tiredness (and a near accident on the motorway), we spotted this sensational '62 Chevy coming to England for a meet in Ipswich.
Here, completely out of all context is a photo of some crazy plant pods that the lovely Christine our neighbour at La Fosse gave us. 'La perruche' or little parrots. Who knew???
When we got back we had a HUGE & very welcome sleep and then readied ourselves for the party that was the reason for us rushing back before the long weekend.

It was our buddies Brondie & Russ's 10th wedding anniversary. WHOOPEEEEEEE. Here's Brond with the Pimms....Happy Anniversary Cool Cats.
The lovely couple...Clarissa's fabulous new SPARKLY shoes. She made a valiant attempt to keep them on no matter what!!!!
Not a bad photo of us too..everyone had to wear a touch of red...(well some of us wore more than a touch). The lovely Ricardo had a tiny red prefect's badge that I bought him for our aniversary that says 'Perfect'. There was much fashion action....mostly from the boys.
But SOME girls too...
and much camping action as people came from as far away as New York for the special doooooo.

Here's a video of Clarissa and her bestest friend (besides me that is) Nettie at fever pitch on the Saturday. Brondie & Russ's little boy Billy gets in on the action as well.

And yet another video to slow down your workings. This time of Joe doing his stuff.


kelly said...

Lovely loose cover! You are a star!

You should enter your milkweed pods in Belgian Waffle's Village Fete.

I've been meaning to assemble some vegetative artistry, but haven't quite gotten around to it yet. :-)

roxi said...

at last... i was having withdrawals.

matt shaved his head last night....

i'll get used to it.

roxi said...

PS there is a bronze medallist in our showroom cafe at the moment, v.exciting

Linnea said...

It looks like you had lots of fun :o) I remember when I was young waiting (for hours) in Calais... and having to pee really bad in the car! Anyways! Take care & have a great Thursday!

JoeyJoJo said...

Hey Kelly, great idea, I've been following the village fete & loving it. I too was racking my brains for something to send in. It seemed a bit crazy spending all day making a wacky thing that would be destroyed really fast though. The parrots are a bit of a cheap shot as I didn't even put the eyes on them. (Don't tell anyone).
Hey Roxi, I'm glad I've got a fan who waits upon my every post. Don't worry about Matt's hair though, he's such a complete dish he'd look good with his eyebrows shaved as well.
Hi Linnea, I had exactly the same thing happening in the carpark in Callais. I bet it happens all the time, you're not game to go & find a toilet in case that line of cars starts to move and you're left all alone as the boat sails away.

roxi said...

funny you should say that about the eyebrows......

nah, they didnt get shaved off, but they did get some serious attention last night.....

what a metro!

suez said...

hey I thought I should add a comment as well. such great photos and blog notes.... thanks heaps.We are glad you are back in the land of the pom....keep partying for me. as long as you take photos..