Tuesday, August 19, 2008

All the way to Aubigné

On Sunday we went on a bike ride. I had my best buddy with me this time although he does tend to race off miles ahead even though I should have my bike riding muscles by now.

Liz had told us to go and have a look at a small village nearby called Aubigné where some friends of hers live. It was a very hilly road but we finally made it and it was really worthwhile.
We had passed the signs often but not turned off the main road. There was a Chateau with a lovely garden behind the Church.
A donkey near the Church.

A great old tractor.
A bloody gorgeous Manoir... An even more gorgeous Abbey..
With a Juliet balcony.
And a series of sensational bits of topiary in the cemetry.


Linnea said...

Wow, what beautiful pictures :o) You should get a tandem bike so he doesn't go racing off without you. I love the pretty manoir. You must have just been in heaven with all those pretty sights. Keep enjoying!

JoeyJoJo said...

Hey, thanks Linnea. Welcome to my humble blog.
we're home now but did have a lovely time.