Saturday, August 09, 2008

A French seaside jaunt

I know it looks like I have a marvelous existence here and yes, I do, but sometimes it can get very lonely with not a soul to talk to all day when Richard's at work.
Yesterday I thought I'd go for yet another bike ride & show you what I saw, but I was so down in the dumps that all I saw were a herd of cows with their backs turned to me, a crossroads where Jesus had fallen off his cross, and a sad and lonely house at that same crossroads with all its shutters broken, there was a stiff wind blowing and the whole ride was a struggle.
Luckily (just in the nick of time) it was the weekend, Richard had some time off and we decided to go to the beach. It was a long old drive though to a place called Noirmoutier and a bit like suburban Rosebud when we got there but it did have BOATS
and a wonderful road through the marshes or Marais that closes at high tide. We crawled along in the car with a whole lot of other tourists doing the same thing, marveling at the crazy holiday makers donning rubber boots to wade out onto the stinky marshes to gather cockles. Anything for a free feed. I can't imagine this happening in Rosebud.
There was also this beauty in the town square which reminded me of the one in Collioure (Thomsey)
And this classic seaside do-it-yourself ice cream dispenser.

We wandered about the town and had a really good lunch at a small café with musicians playing jazz, then stopped in a shop to buy a very French top, I'll show you tomorrow when I'm recovered from the gigantic drive.

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