Saturday, May 19, 2007

Out to lunch

I'm starting to feel guilty about being a Lady who lunches...

Yesterday's outing was to Wyken vineyard with Suze & Heather & Robyn. It's a really beautiful garden in the next county to us...Suffolk. It's run by an American author and her husband. It's like an idyllic farm and must cost buckets of money to run. Just their seedlings bill must run into thousands.

At one stage this giant oak had 5 of us (well four of Us and a lovely game lady too) with our hands stretched around it. It was

huge. There was a wonderful kind of Maypole thing that you could swing on and Robyn being the game Soth African girl that she is had a marvelous time swinging round & round. Not bad for a fiftysomething eh?


Suez said...

hello I am in Singapore and I was just checking if you had done any extra blogging while I was gone.I have had a shower and am not thinking about how many hours I have been awake... I love you both and thankyou for letting me stay!!!

JoeyJoJo said...

Darling Thomseee...yay & yay again. Thanks for letting us know. We slept & slept when we got home from Heathrow. When we woke up this morning, we realised that you were still going....crikey it's a lonnnnnng way. Big love from us here.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx said...

I enjoyed your site. My husband and I will be traveling from California and going to visit France. I have always wanted to stay in Collioure. Do you have any recomendations.
Thank you,

JoeyJoJo said...

Hi new commenter, Melanie. We had a marvelous time in Collioure and stayed at a wonderful little fishermans cottage called the Lemon House. It's run by a couple of lovely Aussies. It was great to have our own cooking facilities and a cool place to return to each night (the shower is blissful). Here is their web address
Every where in Collioure is gorgeous, just walking along the beach is a dream. I'd go back in a flash.