Thursday, May 24, 2007

Old haunts

One of the lovely things about having Thomsey here has been getting to take her to all our favourite places....on Sunday we took her for a picnic to Thorpness mere.

Richards Mum used to take him here when he was little, on the back of her bike. He says it hasn't changed at all since then.
We hired a boat & scooted off across the 2 feet deep Mere. Richard had to paddle on one side & Suze & I on the other as his powerful carpenters arms needed 2 of us against him. (Phwoar)
At one stage, Captain Ricardo told us to head for a very skinny bit of water indeed, that was overhung by a big branch. Just as we got past the big branch and into the shallows, we struck bottom!!!!!! It could have been a very nasty moment but we started to laugh & couldn't stop. We shuffled back & forth in what must have been a 12 point turn, churning up the water that stank of old cut flowers. I really wished I'd been to the toilet before we hopped into the boat. At last we managed to make it back out onto clear water & pelted across the Mere to get the boat back just in time. Needless to say a great deal of scones & clotted cream had to be consumed to calm us all down.


skips said...

The Mamma is home. Thanks for looking after her, even if it meant keeping her there for such a long time.

kellyd said...

uh oh, does that mean big sis has gone home?!? :-(

Your adventures had me enthralled. I am SO going to come visit sometime. :-)http://

JoeyJoJo said...

Big sis has made it home. Hopefully she will get the whole tea in bed every day thang there too.
Thanks Adam, Amy, Lena & August for relinquishing her for a whole month.
Kelly......hurry up.