Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Better & better

Just when you thought life was fantastic as it was yesterday it went up a notch.
After finally picking up Le Sac from the airport,
we went on a little sojourn to the Spanish border. To the pass where Hannibal crossed through with 80,000 soldiers & 40 elephants in 218BC.
There is a fort there called 'Bellegarde' that lives half in France & half in Spain. It wasn't open but we circumnavigated it mostly in the moat and didn't see a soul.There were Cork trees and Camomile. It was eerie & beautiful. In the garrison further down the hill, there was the smell of Pennyroyal and wild thyme as we hopped over a wall into another age. Crumbling buildings we would kill to preserve in Australia, some roofless & some vaulted. The view was spectacular, what a great place to see the enemy coming.

We also went to Ceret. A beautiful small town with statuesque Plain trees like huge giraffes standing in the streets. we bought VERY EXPENSIVE cherries and ate almost the whole box in the car on the way home.

We managed to save some though for our nightly card is a picture of the very happy winner.....

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