Saturday, July 01, 2006

Wyken Hall & the Leaping Hare

I've just had my Step sister Wendy & Step niece Kristen here for a few days. We had such a lovely time. (My Dad married Wendy's Mum when Wendy was 20).
We went to a sensational Country house & garden in Suffolk called Wyken Hall. We sat by the pond & watched the dragonflies buzzing.
Fabulous sunny weather, in fact at the moment it's 8.45 pm & I'm still hot. It must be...well I just had a look and it's only 17 degrees right now, I'd better go & open all the doors so I can cool down. was 25 today & is meant to stay sunny & warm all week.Yippee....
They had such lovely big fat chickens and Guinea fowl, and even a Buff Orpington.


kelly said...

Absolutely beautiful, as all your pictures are. I love the roses ... I'm looking for some glorious rambling roses to train up a couple of trellises. I love the old-fashioned ones. Hope you are well.

skips said...

25 degrees!!!!!!!
Woah call the fire brigade!
Sorry, only joking. At least it's better than 14 here.

JoeyJoJo said...

Thanks Kelly. Yes I'm well & after an extra 4 hour sleep today, I'm raring to go again. Big nights out here in the UK. Very Social summer time.
email me your address & I'll send you some of those delectable Aussie cookies "Tim tams".