Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Cushions of the last

Hi all.
At long last I bring you cushions of the week. I made them for a shop in North Norfolk, UK called 'Papillon', thus the butterflies. This gorgeous pom pom fringe is my favourite at the moment. Comes from Handsome trimmings.
The chinoiserie fabric is an old, old piece of Liberty Tana Lawn that a friend gave me ages ago. A beautiful & unusual combination of colours. I've also made a lampshade out of it.
You can see the bunch of 40 white freesias my Mum just sent us for our 3rd wedding anniversary. Thanks Doro (&Thomsey for organising it all). xxxxxxxxxx


Roxi said...

birthdays .... aniversaries .... i'm worse than a husband!!!

love you guys


skips said...

Beautiful cushions! I found the most gorgeous butterfly fabric at zepel. I was going to make a lovely little double breaste dpea coat, but it turned out to be $110 per metre. I can't quite justify that!

JoeyJoJo said...

Course you can...that's only hmmmmm £44 yikes. Bargain at twice the price. I looked for it on the Zepel it from the Casamance Kimono collection?