Sunday, July 23, 2006

Miracle Man

Zebedy Garnet Man is alive & well & wriggling at Luton & Dunstable hospital, here in the UK.
We went to visit them & took fresh provisions to keep that hospital food at bay. (All that mystery meat is no good for new mothers).
Clarissa is teary & easily moved. Aren't we all at this early stage.
Sorry these photos are so hard to read. He's so small all you can see are the tubes that are keeping him alive, and he's all red from a blood transfusion.
We didn't get to see him but Clarissa & Joe took these for me in the premature baby ward.

Here is a lovely one of them walking back to the maternity ward after seeing Zebedy, full of love.

Clarissa is going to make the best mother you could ever wish for, already she's like a lioness, willing to kill for her boy.


kelly said...

God bless Zebedy Man.

Roxi said...

i have been pretty easily moved to tears this past week too. luckily this time its life that has moved me, not death.

god bless indeed.