Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Zebedee turns 4

For those of you new to the blog, I must tell you about our beautiful Godson Zebedee. Zeb was born very premature at 23 and a half weeks and was an absolute miracle baby that weighed 450grams.
He turned 4 on Monday and we had a birthday celebration for him on the weekend.
It was even hot...
Every year we take photos at this tree on the forest walk on the way to the river. Say CHEESE.

What more could a 4 year old want than a cupcake and his willy?
Often I'm here in the UK wishing my friends and family from Australia could see my life here in the UK and for once what do you know....they were. Sue Thomas sitting in the hammock with Clarissa's niece Florence
Roxi and Sue on the forest walk....
There were a few tears however.......
and yes it is a huge emotional time at the moment. Even apart from birthdays.
Here is the photo that always makes me sob....Zebedee the tiny and miraculous
Here he is with Ricardo two years ago at the river.
...and here getting to know each other when Zebbie was one.

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