Tuesday, July 13, 2010


One of the few good things about Richard being ill is that people have come from all over the globe to be with us. Here are some lovely photos of Richard with Dylan. Not too many tears now!
You should have seen Richard's face when Dyl walked into the ward. And his chest expanded exponentially as he told every person with eyeballs all about Dyl's architectural work and beautiful wife and kids. I think there may be a mass exodus of nursing staff to Singapore when Dyl's hospital opens there. I'll try and get the flash video of his lotus building that is being built on a lake in China.
It was so good to see them together.
Here he is being VERY brave at Heathrow airport as he says goodbye to his sister Roxi.
Thank you Dyl and thank you Steph, Asher, Elkan and Orson for sharing your husband and your Daddy with us for a while.
Luckily he leaves Richard in the capable hands of Roxi and SUE THOMAS.


kelly said...

THE Sue Thomas!?!?! He's in good hands, then :-)

Sew Very English......... said...


I just can't imagine how you even manage to continue writing and where you find your bravey from during these sad times. I send you both my love and my very best wishes, Tracy x

Anonymous said...

Dearest Joey

Sending you much love from across the world in these sad and strange times. I have followed your life on your blog and have felt so connected to you from so far away. I am now so sorry to see that Richard is unwell and the pain you are both feeling.

Love always
Joey D

JoeyJoJo said...

Kelly...YES THAT Sue Thomas. She's holding the fort VERY adequately tahnks Kell. xxx
Tracy...thank you. I hope your French summer is proving to be a little COOLER than ours. Phew.
Joey D...thank you my darling friend. Boy I wish I were there instead of here at the moment.

maudie said...

miss Joey you are so amazing, thank you for sharing these difficult and sad times, and managing to maintain your wonderful sense of humour throughout... you are a STAR, full of light and generosity, i hope i can reflect some of these beautiful qualities back to you soon my lovely. xxxxxxxxx

JoeyJoJo said...

Maudiiiiiiiiiiie we are s so excited you are coming. Can't wait for your shooting star to land here. xxxx

Suzanne said...

Hi Joey, I haven't met you but I am an old and longtime friend of Rick and family. Seems like life's swirling around before my very eyes and at times like this the love is everywhere. I'm thinking of Rick all the time now, I cooked up tofu last night and realised it was how Rick used to cook it, rolled in cornflour and deep fried, yum! The memories never fade tho its many years since we've seen the flesh & bones. May the great big goodness of it all be with you and Rick and Roxie and everyone. I dedicated my Thursday class to you and it's just a small country class but the funds are there, a tiny little substitute for our love and best wishes.
I'll continue to follow the blog, it's a generous thing to share. xxx
Suzanne Fraser

JoeyJoJo said...

Dear Suzanne. What a blessing you are. Rick has talked many many times about you and I hope I get to meet you.
Yes the love is everywhere and as Dylan's amazing wife Steph wrote to me in an email it's a privelege to go through this with someone like Rick. He's an amazing man and you can tell all the nursing staff really get it and really get him as he is more concerned about their welfare than his.
I'll try and keep going on the blog as it's so nice to connect with people like you.