Friday, July 23, 2010

Diss and dat

On Friday we took a little bit of time away from the hospital in the morning for Roxi and Sue to experience Diss auctions. It's an amazing rural Suffolk event that happens once a week, a sale of "deadstock" as they say here. With incredible and wonderful stuff. Here is a view of the approach..look at this lovely old tricycle in need of love and care.
I know someone whose husband would go crazy over this place.... Suffolk swift lawnmower anyone?
I'm sure Mr Macgregor has just ducked off to find the tap...
Here is Sue on the phone to Australia saying how incredible it all is and asking whether she could fit this wooden wheelbarrow into her luggage.
Here's Roxi behind an amazing pile-o-tea chests
You can find almost anything here. From immaculate virgins and saints....

....and really bad cherubic fountains
from a pile-o-sticks..
to a box of childs plastic shovels...could be handy for those with very messy dogs!
Don't think that Richard isn't in our thoughts every minute though. He's still in hospital but is a lot more chirpy still. They have managed to balance out his pain medication and he continues to be hungry which makes my heart swell as I see him cutting up white peaches with enthusiasm for his sweets after dinner.
I thought I'd add this beautiful little vignette from our lovely friend Tat who is a writer and lives on the shores of a loch in Scotland....I know she wont mind me posting it here...

Dearest Joey,
Last night I dreamed that I was lying by a river on a beautiful sunny day. It was early summer - the colours all bright and clean - and I was just lying on my back in the grass looking up at the sky, watching birds flying around. Then a tiny little kingfisher swooped down towards me. Without thinking, I put up my hand and the kingfisher landed on my forefinger. She was so small - more like a humming bird - and just sat there peering down at me. Her colours were beautiful - intense irridescent blue-green and orange-red. I was amazed and delighted and kept expecting her to fly away, but she stayed and stayed. When she did eventually fly away I just lay there feeling amazed and happy and blessed.
My dreams are almost uniformly bad - it's really unusual for me to dream of something so lovely. I wanted to send the kingfisher to you and Ricardo. Hope she reaches you soon.
Love, love, love,
Tat x


kelly said...

Himself is reading and drooling, and I'm very afraid there is an antique tricycle in our future. :-)

Our biggest hugs to you and Ricardo. If you need ANYTHING, you know where to find us!


JoeyJoJo said...

Thanks my darling, I do indeed. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx