Friday, July 09, 2010

Love and support

Well, Love and Support (yes they are CAPITALS) have been flooding in as things have taken a bit of a turn here. Richard went back into hospital last weekend in a lot of pain. He is now in Guist ward at the Norfolk and Norwich with a lot of fluid accumulatingand an infection in his abdomen. He's thin and scared but still very much Richard.
Dylan, Ricardo's stepson, and Roxi, Richard's daughter have both come from the other side of the world to see their Dad. (Dyl will be furious that I have put this not-so-attractive photo of him up but we are all looking a bit ragged). But he and Roxi have been unbelievably amazing.
This is what Richard looked like last week...when he and Roxi shared the "Commonwealth-heads-of-government" shorty pyjamas...

and this is what he looked like yesterday with Roxi trying to get rid of her double chins.
Dyl is an architect in Melbourne so we took him to see some of the sites of that Fine city of Norwich.

Here is a beautiful photo of Richard and Dylan and Maudie with their Mum, Sue Ingleton. (Maudie is trying to get here too but life keeps getting in the way).
As you can see Richard is in good hands....


Lulu LaBonne said...

You are still all in my thoughts - Blimey what a strapper that Dylan is

WebJewel said...

Thinking of you Joey :) The pics are are lucky to have support around you. Best wishes to Ricardo...hope he's out of there real soon. So amazing of you to share this with everyone. xxx

nursemyra said...

hope Richard gets well soon