Saturday, July 17, 2010

Down but not out

Yesterday we went to the hospital as usual and found a very confused and frightened Richard struggling to even breathe. It's so distressing to see him like that and I always think the worst but the liver team headed by the absolutely gorgeous Matty, decided that they would take some of the fluid away that was making him so uncomfortable. It worked a treat just like it did last time and he felt instantly better as the pressure of the fluid receded. I want to tell you that the staff at the Norfolk & Norwich hospital have been absolutely amazing. There is so much care in their faces and they've helped all of us individually as we sneak away for a cry. Holding our hands when we've needed it and being very, very genuinely concerned.

I don't feel it's appropriate to put photos up here of Ricardo at the moment in distress but I have been sitting here at my desk looking at old photos and videos of him that have put a smile back on my face and I thought I'd share them with all the newcomers to the blog so you don't have to search through the archives.
Here he is at William Fairbanks boating event at the river in Bridgham in June 2006.
and one of my favourites of him walking boldly ahead of me at Squeaky beach at Wilson's Prom in Australia in March 2005
Here's a video I took of him practising for a gig in April 2009

with George Washingmachine at Shoreham in Australia in January 2008
and a few other random videos that I found from ages ago that will show you his Royale magnificence.


Mardi Sommerfeld said...

Thank you Joey for the lovely blog, i
I shed quite a few then smiled a LOT.
You know I'm thinking of you and you know how much I love you - wish I was there to give you a massive hug. Give Richard a gentle hug from Macg and I.

Anonymous said...

Dear Joey, You are a brave and wonder- filled girl and I'm thinking of you and your brave, good man and sending you my hearfelt love and lots of warm, crystal clear wintery and bright light from lil old Hobart town. Bless you XXX Margie PP.

JoeyJoJo said...

My lovely Australian beauties who've never even met each other. Thank you for your words, your hugs and your beautiful Aussie winter light and love. xxxx