Sunday, February 21, 2010

A walk in the woods

It's still freezing cold here, and even though we should be at the boat sanding and polishing on a Saturday, it was sunny and time for a long walk to try and bump up our vitamin D intake.There is always a huge display of yellow winter aconites on the way to one of our favourite spots. A carpet of spring promise and more than I've ever seen there before.
West Harling Church, stands in a field and is always peaceful and beautiful in any weather.
There are snowdrops appearing in tender spots.
this amazing fungus was growing on an old tree and bright pumpkin yellow in the sun.
After going round the Church we veered off on a path through the woods to find lots of snowdrops.
...and a slice of tree slightly older than me.
It was the middle of the day but every puddle was still frozen in a different design.
This collage of leaves and grass and frost would make a wonderful wallpaper.


suez said...

beautiful pictures makes me feel so cool just looking at them .thankyou XXxxx

rickyroyale said...

My pleasure Thomsey. I might now duck over to your blog and warm up.
P.S. It's Joey not Richard

Anonymous said...

Excellent pictures of the serene woods. rmeinds me of Robin hood. Romantic adventures and twillight moments.

kelly said...

You have GREEN already. And flowers!

Whilst we have snow. And ice. And road salt.



JoeyJoJo said...

Boy, I thought OURS had been going on forever. More snow forecast for us this week though.

Mardi said...

Great photos Joey... I love your sumptuous cushion pics and you're quite the landscape photographer - those subtle hues are very beautiful.
Quite a stark contrast to our harsh sun at the mo. love u long time xxx

JoeyJoJo said...

High praise from the high priestess of photograpy. I'm overwhelmed. Thanks Mard