Sunday, February 07, 2010

Coffee, Church and Cambridge

Yesterday we behaved ourselves remarkably well and went first to coffee morning at the Church. (Here are the first daffodils I've seen on the tables, waiting for customers.)
(Hosted by the Mother's Union this time, with some fabulous baking involved).
Betty Wood's small cakes with angelica...
Varlie Sheldrake's coffee and walnut or vanilla buns
And yes they are my blackcurrant macarons on my friend Clarissa's glass cake stand.
After we'd sampled a few, we then went on to Cambridge where we dropped off Richard's saxophone at the wonderful 'Wood, wind and reed'. A truly marvelous and labyrinthine shop with the most helpful and passionate staff one could ever wish for. Then we wandered around Cambridge;
one of my favourite things to do. We discovered there is a Penhaligons shop in Cambridge and spent ages sniffing and questioning the gorgeous girl with the aquiline nose and pale blue eyes with Afgani and Catalan ancestors about her favourite smells. She pointed us towards one that has now become my obsession (luckily there are birthdays coming up) called Elixir that smells like a Russian Orthodox Church in Yemen.After wandering some more and marvelling at all the YOUNG people in Cambridge. (Something that is a rarity in East Harling). We decided to go to evensong at Kings college. It was freezing as we waited in line to go in
but it's always such a treat when you get inside. Kings is much smaller than it seems on Television and you can hear the choir perfectly. It does amaze me though how hardly anyone knows what to do when, during the service, at least you'd think they could attempt to read the bits we are all supposed to say at once. It was so dark inside though that reading the words was hard. We hardly knew any of the music except for the last hymn which was 'King of glory, King of peace'. Needless to say we belted it out.
The anthem today though at East Harling Church was one which is always hard to sing as it brings tears to your eyes. I'll leave you in peace now to go and have a listen to 'Be still my soul


kelly said...

I'll take one of each, please.

And that hymn sent shivers down my spine. Thank you, dear friend!


JoeyJoJo said...

No problem, Wonder woman.

Anonymous said...

Hello there!
I may be mistaken,as I went to the other place, but I think the photo might be St, John's.


Father Dave,

JoeyJoJo said...

Good effort Dave, but no's the Church of Our Lady and the English Martyrs.

kelly said...

Look what *I* found on YouTube:

When I lived in Pennsylvania, I belonged to a Mennonite church. Mennonites have their hymns imprinted in their DNA and can and will sing most of them in hearty 4 part harmony... without sheet music.

This is the Mennonite Doxology, hymn 606 in the old hymnal (the GOOD hymnal, IMHO) sung by the attendees of the 2009 Mennonite Youth Convention.

nursemyra said...

I want to smell like a Russian Orthodox Church in Yemen too

JoeyJoJo said...

Kelly- Haleluyah AMEN
Nurse Myra- Get the hence to Penhaligons